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The Red Door Outer Room
The Red Door Inner Room

The Red Door

A Masters Show at CSUFresno-August 17 through September 1,2005


Doors close us out, let us in; obscure, reveal; beckon, threaten; provide access to the things we want.

The title and inspiration for "The Red Door" came from a painting and essay by Judy DeRosa. for Judy, "we all have a doorway open to us...where you will meet the true you...and another world of understanding will open to your consciousness." I'm not sure exactly where the Red Door really leads, except to think it leads to wherever you need to go to find meaning in your life.

Of all the doors we face in our lives, the red Door is the most illusive to find and the hardest to open. the other doors in this installation are meant to scratch the surface of all the choices we face and want to explore on our journey to find our own Red door.

This show was dedicated with great love and affection to my husband, John Rogers, whose creative eye has been a source of awe and inspiration for over 50 years.

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