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View of outer room as you enter the gallery

Standing at the entrance of Phebe Conley Gallery, the view directly ahead of the viewer was one of converging walls with closed doors that funneled the space toward a spot lighted, slightly ajar, red door opening to the small rear gallery.

All five doors in the walls leading to the back gallery and the beckoning red door were installed with no possibility of anyone being able to open them. Anything that could be discovered about what lay beyond these doors would have to come from looking through the peep holes or listening for any sounds coming from behind them. Thus the outer gallery was actually an inside space with no access to the outside except the entrance doors or possibly the red door.

The outer room was filled with sounds. Each door had a different sound associated with it, except for the door by the table where there was written information. The blue door had sounds of the surf as if it opened onto a cliff overlooking the ocean. The green door aroused thoughts of a wood with the sound of thunder and raindrops. The natural door was more open to interpretation as it was the recording of a few people sporadically clapping in a polite, but unenthusiastic mood. Some people heard it as clapping, to others it was marching feet stopping and starting. The yellow door had a tape labeled young girls in bras and panties, tickling each other and the giggling was self explanatory.

Each door had its own distinct character. The door by the table was undistinguished, but looked homey, as if it would fit in a warm and loving space.  The blue door was wide and the paint looked as if it had a thin watery consistency.  You could imagine the ocean, with its limitless horizon, stretching out as far as the eye could see, if only you could open it.

 On the opposite wall, stretching out into the distance, the first door was dark green with the feeling of summer foliage, the thunder storm only bringing the fresh smell of wet earth and the promise of growth. The varnished door had a panic bar, and the sounds behind it did not invite participation. Yet, next to it was a bright yellow door which also had a panic bar and the sounds of giggling were infectious.

But beyond all these doors the red door beckoned.

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