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Norma Rogers as a Shaman




I always wanted to be a Shaman, but had neither the talent, the culture or the tribe.

I was born in Michigan during the depression We had our home and food, but an air of strain permeated our lives. I was able to ride the bus down Woodward Ave. to the the Detroit Art Museum, a place of wonder for me. When I saw the Old Masters, I wanted more than anything else to paint.

Unfortunately, when I tried oils, I found that I did not have any innate talent. I was discouraged and turned to various crafts, work and raising a family.

In the fall of 1991, I was able to take a bronze casting class at Fresno City College and I fell in love.

I had found my home in 3 dimensions and have enjoyed all media, but my true loves are molten metal and glass. Hot glass is always a surprise and a great satisfaction in the loss of control it brings.. Bronze, aluminum, tin and lead casting on the other hand is much more controlled and requires more attention to planning, detail and process. Each has its rewards.

While I live on a ranch with wild animals looking in the windows, I find the human figure and the interaction of figure with setting occupies most of my work and satisfies me the most.